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Certified Translation


We offer the following services:

Translations exclusively by Certified and experienced translators and experts in their subject matter
- Translations of websites
- Proofreading by native speakers
- Translations of manuals including graphics
- Extremely competitive prices
- Quotations provided by return
- Fast and reliable turnaround times

Special areas of expertise:
- Medicine / Clinical Research
- (Publications, brochures, websites, patient information/questionnaires,- case reports, research
- results, diagnoses etc.)
- Medical equipment
- Business / Economy
- General technical texts
- Marketing / Advertising
- Tourism


In the following cases an authority may require certified translations of your documents, which the ISC will be happy to provide:
- Marriage in Germany of a German to a foreigner
- Marriage in Germany of Germans living abroad
- Divorce in Germany of Germans living abroad
- Visa application for immigration or long stay visa
- Repatriation of Germans who lived and died abroad
- Application for naturalisation
- Admission to university education in Germany (recognition of school certificates, vocational training
- certificates and university certificates)
- Commencing employment in Germany (recognition of vocational training certificates and university
- certificates)
- Lawsuits, e.g. legal issues involving issues abroad
- Insured events, i.e. police, accident or medical reports
- Pension and superannuation matters (employment records and statements of earnings abroad)
- Founding of companies and subsidiaries of foreign companies in Germany
- Powers of attorney
- Agreements for recognition by authorities in Germany


Translation service

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