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ISC education services in detail

Based on your previous education, ISC evaluates the possibilities for your admission at a German university or professional school, and helps you find the programs that suit your education and research goals.

Applications and Admissions:
The ISC assists in completing your application and fulfilling admission requirements.
In case of a doctoral studies program, we may also help you find a German doctoral thesis supervisor.

German Language Courses:
You may need to take a test in German as a foreign language. The ISC assesses whether you will have to take the DSH test (Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang) before beginning your studies, and helps you find appropriate German classes in the city of your choice.

Communication with German Authorities:
The ISC may act as a negotiator and communicate with German authorities and university administrations on your behalf.

Getting Settled:
Assisted by the ISC, you will get off to a smooth start in Germany, and won't have to worry about tackling any further difficulties all by yourself.

Our services are subject to charges.
For more details, please contact:

Why the ISC is trustworthy:
Your first contact with us is absolutely non-binding and free of charge. The ISC will find out for you, whether you are eligible to enroll in a German college or university, and whether and where your desired field of study is offered. Based on that information, you are free to decide whether you want to continue making use of our service. Please note that the ISC cannot guarantee your being admitted to the school of your choice, and that it is your responsibility to apply for a certain program or school.
The ISC can neither predict nor influence the decision-making process of the admission authorities.
We can, however, pass their assessment on to you as early as possible.

The ISC offers you:

- All the information and assistance you need to find the right program of study in Germany, and
- apply there successfully.
- Insider's advice and individual support at all times in dealing with the German authorities, and
- clearing the way for your studies in Germany.

You profit because:

- You will save considerable time and effort when making use of the ISC's counseling service.
- Guided by the ISC, you will have all the information at hand to choose the best school for your study - or research interests.
- You will arrive in Germany well-prepared and assured that you can always turn to the ISC should
- any problems arise.


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